Wooden Boat Raffle

Buy a ticket in our annual wooden boat raffle to win a beautiful handcrafted boat while supporting Peregrine


Clinker built wooden dinghy, handcrafted from Huon and King Billy Pine by Woodbridge boat builder Ned Trewartha.

Congratulations to this year’s winners:

Peregrine Wooden Boat Raffle – ’Flosi’

Winner:  Des Evans, QLD, Ticket #187

Book Buyer Prizes:  Afloat by Peregrine Bag Winners

  • Laurence Eastwood, NSW #1715,
  • Mark Dowsett, QLD, #3888,
  • Robert Cameron, NSW #1011,
  • Stephen Smallwood NSW #1709,
  • Anne Batt, WA #687,
  • Katie Devenish, TAS #1549,
  • Neil Roberts, QLD #4232,
  • Ben Waining, TAS # 720,
  • Paul Leskiw, NSW #3654,
  • Synetta Jenkyns, VIC #4492.

Our previous winners