We keep fees as low as possible, while ensuring very high teacher student ratios.

Fees and Levies

The table below outlines the basic fee structure at Peregrine. Levies are charged for all students and various levels of tuition fees are charged as well. Standard discounts are listed below. These charges are fully inclusive of all school activities.

Kindergarten (3 days per week) Prep – Grade 6
Per Term Per Year Per Term Per Year
Full Tuition Fee $797 $3188 $1062.50 $4250
Low Income Tuition Fee $597.75 $2391 $797 $3188
Sport and Transport Levy $50 $200 $125 $500
Cooking Levy $105 $420 $175 $700
Camp Levy NA $70 $280
Capital Levy $125 $500 $125 $500
Stationery Levy $150 $200


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Alfie Kohn