Why Peregrine

“If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original.” ... Sir Ken Robinson


Not every child thrives in a conventional classroom setting. Our teaching methods stimulate innovation to produce creative compassionate individuals.

Are we right for you?

We are not right for every child and every family. We encourage our children to learn as much as possible from authentic learning experiences – our children play with sticks, wear gumboots, make use of recycled materials to build and create, take delight in dressing up and enjoy exploring the bush around the school.


We encourage the children to:

Get muddy, get wet, use sharp knives, light fires, use power tools, ride skateboards, do parkour, climb trees, go on camps, use kitchen appliances, do woodwork, swing off ropes, play rough games, fight with sticks, play in the bush, use technology  and sometimes we even make them vacuum.

Making Decisions


We encourage exploration, take risks and have adventures


We take care and help children make careful-safe decisions


We believe that adults are necessary role models for children throughout their schooling years. In a large school, the role models that children find are more likely to be children of similar age. Our teacher/student ratios ensure that adults naturally become role models for children during their day and we insist that Peregrine remains small for this reason.


Each of our students is a unique, vibrant individual. As a staff, we start with who they are, and build upon that. We work with all our students to be creative, curious and persistent. We promote independence and a spirit of adventure. A Peregrine child is not afraid to ask for help and to clarify things. They have an awareness of who they are and a strong sense of self. We hope we have made them resilient. We hope we have given them a strong moral compass. We know them well. We hope they know themselves well.

'We create young individuals who are creative, curious and persistent.'