Our Program

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities” Stephen R. Covey


Groupings are designed to cater for different learning experiences that happen on any one day. Smaller groupings occur for literacy and numeracy activities and are based on each student’s stage of development rather than their age. We make sure that groups are small enough for each student to receive individual attention from the teacher.

Broader developmental groups are in place for music, art and fitness. We maintain a sense of flow from one group structure to the next as we balance the social advantages of mixed age classes with the academic goals for each student.

Kindergarten and Prep

For our younger children, play is at the centre of how they learn. Our Kindergarten and Prep program encourages children to build and test relationships and to resolve conflicts through play. Our early childhood teacher incorporates children’s ideas and interests into their learning experiences and children’s curiosity for science, maths, art, building and literature are supported and extended through play.

Children in our Kindergarten and Prep program are empowered to make decisions and regulate their own behaviour. Children have time for free play and time to pursue their individual interests. They are encouraged to learn by observing, questioning, discussing, wondering and making. The number of children in this group is deliberately small.

Mixed Age Classes – Grades 1-6

Literacy and numeracy are highly valued, key parts of our curriculum. Many of our children excel in these areas. Others have learning difficulties that make every step a struggle. Because we know that every child has unique strengths, we take the time to find and foster the strength in each and every child. Our mixed age groupings relieve the pressure for children to perform at a specific level of ability.

Our mixed age groupings also broaden relationships between students and create a family atmosphere. They provide opportunities for students to help one another in social and academic areas.

Through physical and academic challenges, our goal is to develop enthusiastic, compassionate and creative learners. Our teaching team monitor student development in self-direction, academic, physical and social-emotional areas.

High School

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‘Curiosity, imagination, and creativity are like muscles: if you don’t use them, you lose them.’

David Elkind – ‘The Power of Play’