Last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night were our annual sleepovers at school. We were all excited to sleep in the new building, and the noise level was high. Students set up their mattresses and sleeping bags in both carpeted ends of the building. We had a delicious pizza dinner, followed by apple crumble and then into the hall for an evening of games and frivolity.Once again, we saw the benefits of spending extended time with the children and shared the stories of success that makes it worth giving up our evenings and going home exhausted at the end of the week!

We had little children who breezed through the time away from their parents, and felt just that little bit more grown up.  We had children who were nervous about their ability to cope, who did a great job of trusting that we would look after them and felt the success of enjoying their sleepover.  We had children spending time with others who they don’t normally play with and having a great time.  We had relaxed conversations with children while cooking dinner and all got to know each other a little better.

Excitement and energy was high at bedtime, but all children settled easily and eventually everyone was quiet. Most students had a good sleep. Not as sure about the teachers…

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New Building

28 August 2017

Our new building is now fully operational and we are loving teaching and learning in this space.

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