My View of New

Even though my stay hasn’t been long. I’ve learnt to love Peregrine, it’s become my second home.

Laughter is the first thing you hear when you walk in, open the gates, you are the new kid, you are welcome.

Coming into a new class, new people, new friends, all new.

New, new, new, well not anymore. New kids are coming all the time, but not you.

You have friends, you know the way, you know the rules, you know the names.

The friends you made, the things you did, the things others did to help. You learnt to love Peregrine.

You’ve been through trouble, you’ve been through fun but your journey is nearly done for the year, just remember to come here.

This is all of my advice, so please read twice.

By Clementine – Age 8

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