Freedom to Learn (F2L) is a range of projects to choose from like making a movie, writing a book, making an art installation. The students in the Pioneer group were able to have a massive group of people all helping in one project, for example, in a movie you would need extras helping out and actors and you might want some editors and camera men. Alternatively, you could have one student working on a History research project by themselves.
F2L was an amazing experience. Particularly, working with other people that you don’t usually work with. It helps you make new friends and it’s loads of fun (but sometimes its really frustrating). There are steps and stages to follow but we still got a lot of freedom in what we did and when we did it. All of the projects had a common theme, heroism.
At the end we presented our project to our parents and teachers in whatever way we wanted. At the end of the presentation we wrote a reflection on how well we think we did and what we learned. The F2L experience was a really positive for the Pioneers!
Jasper (aged 12)