Levies & Parent Support

We keep fees as low as possible, while ensuring very high teacher student ratios.

Parent Contributions

Peregrine is a non-government school and has three major sources of income:

  • Government funding (67%),
  • Fees (26%)
  • Fundraising (7%)

At Peregrine we aim to keep fees as low as possible, while ensuring very high teacher student ratios. This is key to our philosophy and major educational goal; addressing the individual needs of the students. Most groups at Peregrine have between 12 and 16 students in them.

In order to achieve the lowest possible fees, with the highest possible teacher student ratios, the school undertakes significant fundraising. There is a great deal of flexibility in ways that parents can meet their commitment to fundraising, because we recognise that each family has a unique set of circumstances.

Peregrine is committed to equity of access. We have several mechanisms that support as many families as possible to be able to make the choice to send their children to the school.

  • Two low-income tuition fee tiers
  • Substantial reductions for second, third and subsequent child discounts, particularly for those on low incomes
  • Our Annual Wooden Boat Raffle


Levies are charged for all students and are fully inclusive of all school activities.

(3 full days per week)
Prep – Grade 6
Per Term Per Year Per Term Per Year

Sport and Transport Levy





Cooking Levy





Camp Levy




Capital Levy





Stationery Levy







Compulsory Levies

Sport and Transport Levy
This levy covers all costs associated with excursions and swimming lessons. Excursions are undertaken regularly for outdoor education, theatre, music, sport and general curriculum. At times workshops and performances take place at school and these costs are also covered by this levy.

This cooking levy covers all costs associated with food at school. This includes morning tea, lunch, all food for excursions and camps and all other cooking activities.

Camps are an integral part of the school program and all children are strongly encouraged to attend. Camp Levy is not refundable if children do not attend camp. Camp levy is spread evenly over the four terms for ease of budgeting for parents. As costs are not evenly distributed across the camps, the full annual levy is payable even if children only attend Peregrine for part of the year.

Stationery Levy
All students are charged a Stationery Levy to help cover the cost of stationery, books, art supplies and online subscriptions. This levy covers only a small portion of the school’s expenditure on these items.

Capital Levy
This levy enables the school to provide and maintain its buildings. The money is used to repay capital loans, to contribute towards major upgrades of existing buildings and to save for planned new buildings.

Kindergarten students generally attend three full days per week.

Families may negotiate with the teacher and Principal if they feel their child would benefit from attending more than the minimum sessions. The decision to increase attendance will be based on the child’s readiness emotionally, socially and academically. In most cases, a child would need to be ready to participate in introductory literacy and numeracy activities with the older children. Fees are charged on a pro rata basis for extra Kindergarten attendance.

Bond $400 (per family)
All families pay a $400 bond when their first child is enrolled at Peregrine. This bond is retained by the school until the last child in a family leaves Peregrine. The bond is then refunded, as long as the required notice has been given and all fees have been paid.

At this time we ask parents to consider making a tax-deductible donation of their bond to the school building fund. This money is used to repay principal on the school’s capital loans.

Payment of Fees 
Fees and levies are paid together on a term-by-term basis or fortnightly by direct debit. Credit card and EFTPOS facilities are available.


Parent Support 

Working Bees
Working Bees are held regularly once per term on Sundays. Several Working Bees are also scheduled over the high growth months of November to January. All families are encouraged to attend the occasional Working Bee, as it’s a great chance to work as a community. Participation at Working Bees is voluntary.

Fundraising and School Support
30 hours per family per year OR $150 levy per term
Our major fundraiser is a wooden boat raffle, which runs from October to May each year. The sale of tickets takes place primarily at our stall at Salamanca Market. Fundraising work involves four shifts selling raffle tickets at Salamanca Market and other venues.

Those who prefer to help with upkeep of our grounds and buildings, or maintenance of other school resources may choose to contribute hours in this way.

Voluntary Support
Parents may choose to support the school in many ways e.g. supporting teachers in the classroom, on excursions and on camps. We very much appreciate this support when it is offered, as it greatly adds to the experiences that the children have at Peregrine.


Withdrawal of Enrolment

One term’s notice in writing is required to withdraw a child from Peregrine. The end of a school year is considered as one term’s notice when withdrawing a child for the following year.

If a child is withdrawn in the middle of a term without the required notice, all fees are payable for the remainder of that term. If a child is withdrawn without the required notice, the family’s bond will not be refunded.


Fees and Parent Contributions

This structure is an attempt to achieve harmony within the school community with a flexibility that is true to one of our eight key philosophy statements.

We believe that parents, teachers and students share responsibility for the wellbeing and success of the school.


Fees and Parent Contribution arrangements may be revised by the Management Committee at any time. Parents will be consulted and as much notice given of any changes as possible.

The Management Committee may exempt families from parent contribution requirements on a temporary or permanent basis for various reasons.


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