Peregrine's Management Committee , in consultation with parents and teachers, has developed the following statements of the school's philosophy:-

  • We believe that education is the development of the whole individual.
  • We believe that the purpose of education is to equip children for life.
  • We value equality, tolerance, respect, social justice, compassion, integrity and diversity.
  • We respect the environment with which we are interconnected.
  • We believe that parents, teachers and students share responsibility for the well being and success of the school.
  • We believe that the school is an environment which enriches all involved in its operation.
  • We believe in peaceful, non-violent conflict resolution.
  • We are part of the community and wish to contribute to as well as benefit from this relationship.

Educational Approach at Peregrine

Peregrine's approach to education is based on the following premises:

Education is enjoyable

Learning occurs at all times and is enjoyable and rewarding.

We recognise the value of play and exploration in the learning process.

Co-operation rather than competition develops self esteem and success

We encourage in students the development of:

• High self esteem

• Respect for the needs and abilities of others

• Ability to cope with life's challenges

Basic skills are vital within a broad curriculum

We use a diverse and creative range of educational experiences to teach essential basic skills in:

• Literacy and numeracy

• Healthy life habits

• Life skills

• Technology

Exploration and development of students' creativity is equally essential.

Individuals are able to develop their full potential from a secure environment which:

• Provides individual programming, allowing students input into the content and pacing of their learning

• Provides direction, consultation, instruction and mentoring from the teacher

• Genuinely involves parents in the provision of learning activities.

• Encourages respect and sensitivity so that students care for themselves, other students, staff, parents and members of the community.

Working together in mixed age groups builds community.

Vertical grouping students of a wide range of ages in one class:

• Facilitates co-operative learning

• Provides opportunities for students to help one another in academic and social areas

• Broadens relationships between students

• Demands individual programming

True education embraces tolerance and diversity of beliefs.

We encourage and nurture knowledge and awareness of the positive and valuable aspects of various belief systems. The characteristics and beliefs of each family and individual within the school are acknowledged and valued. The school is non-denominational and is not affiliated with any particular group of schools.