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A New Playground for Peregrine

Some very exciting (and muddy!) work is under way at Peregrine this year with two big projects happening at the same time redevelopment of the playground and construction of a new building.

Catherine Shields, a local landscape architect, has provided beautiful plans for the playground which encompass a rock garden sandpit, water play features, fairy garden, an outdoor teaching area (complete with fire pit and pizza oven), a slide and swings while maintaining many natural areas for creative play. Major excavations have been completed to provide a 25m to 30m playing field for team sports and a 15m x 15m area for horse riding instruction and general games.


                               Playground Plan (see larger image)


New Storage Shed

The storage shed and hard surface area is nearly completed. This area provides a place for storage and undercover outdoor activities. The shed has separate spaces for furniture and equipment storage, sports equipment, garden equipment and general materials storage. We will also be able to use some of the storage area as a dark room for the photography work of the older children in the school. Two large verandah areas provide for activities such as ceramics, woodwork, games and gardening.

Excavating for the new shed                            Pouring the new path

 Shed Construction with topsoil ready for new courtyard

Students nailing on lining boards



View from new sports field with grass beginning to grow

Shed nearly complete


The effort of the parent group and school community to bring this project to fruition has been huge and reflects on the general high level of commitment to the school from all those involved.

These additions will greatly enhance the children's learning program and enjoyment.

Courtyard Between School Building and New Shed

Development of Garden Facilities

2006 - 2007 Sustainable Permaculture Garden

Currently the vegetable garden is a small (17m x 14.5m), partly fenced plot with composting areas and a worm farm. The garden is a focus for an active learning program in which children study soil and plant science, using organic and heritage vegetable production. They learn sustainable practices in garden ecosystem management, including composting of kitchen scraps and green waste. The compost area also forms part of Peregrine's award-winning (VISY Clean Schools Challenge, 2004) Integrated Recycling Program, in which recycled, shredded paper is composted. Food produced in the vegetable garden supplies the school kitchen and involves children in learning about principles of healthy living and good nutrition.

The development of the garden has been planned with the children at Peregrine. The plan includes the construction of two poly greenhouses, one for seedling production of natives and vegetables and another for year around tender vegetable production. The plot size of the existing garden will be increased in size three-fold. Permaculture methods will be used to establish organic fruit tree and berry rows, additional garden beds and an area for chickens.