Peregrine's History

Peregrine began operating at the beginning of 2000.

Several families in the region wanted a school for their children which offered a different approach to education. We envisaged a small school with a family environment which valued play, creativity and high levels of interaction with the natural environment.

We developed a philosophy for Peregrine which incorporated these values alongside the belief that children need a program which ensures their development of skills and understandings in literacy and numeracy.

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From the beginning, we wanted to provide a very small school where children would receive high levels of individual attention. We believed that a multi-age class structure would allow natural relationships between members of the school community to be fostered. We wanted to participate as parents in providing support for daily learning activities so that children could benefit from a range of parental expertise and enthusiasm.

Peregrine has undergone many changes during its history and is now operating a creative and successful learning program.


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