Camps are a fun way to take our education further a field and strengthen relationships in our community. We hold camps for four days' twice per year. We use this opportunity to connect with natural learning experiences in national parks and other venues around the state.

During these ‘classrooms’ away from school experiences, children are encouraged to begin their long quest to develop responsibility for their own equipment. The children learn about team work and community service through the serving of meals and washing and cleaning up. To ensure that each camp runs smoothly, we have a work roster, so that children can work as a community.

Children practice independence skills through carrying their own gear, making their own beds and realising that they can independently do a whole range of things. On occasion, children are encouraged to step outside their comfort zones. Camp experiences help promote personal development build leadership, communication and cooperation skills.
Our camps are unusual in that we take the whole school on camp with us. The very youngest children are encouraged to attend alongside our older students. Our multi-age camps have a very relaxed, home like atmosphere and many parents join us on our camps with younger siblings.